RAGNHILD is built on of the passion for quality craftsmanship, uniqueness, expression, and most importantly for women that wants to stand out and make a memorable statement.

RAGNHILD is a Swedish family name and means “Amazon” – legendary women warriors. It’s this female empowerment that is the foundation of the brand. The clothes are designed to encourage women to be fearless and embrace their individuality.

Our Philosophy
“Get your RAGNHILD on” is our core philosophy. It is who we are. It is the belief we infuse in every garment that we create. It means “Embracing who you are. Believing in yourself. Being Authentic. Facing your fears. Being brave. And pursuing your dreams.” (This gives us goosebumps.)

Like most of you, we’ve long had to choose between uninspiring, mass-produced, low quality products with no regard for quality craftsmanship or emphasis on making you feel unique. We knew there had to be another way, so we founded RAGNHILD based on what we believe fashion should be about; a way to express uniqueness, give rise to positive emotions and to avoid conformity that undermines your authentic voice.

Many of our customers say that once you wear a Ragnhild garment, you feel such affection to it that you want to wear it every day. To make sure they stand the test of everyday use, we never compromise with quality. We care deeply about your experience and are committed to deliver exceptional value by only using the finest fabrics.

We have a strong commitment to live up to the highest sustainability and social responsibility standards. This is why we:

  • Only work with reputable factories with high ethical standards
  • Use factories in the continent where we sell to minimize transport Co 2 emissions
  • Source our fabrics and choose production methods based on environmental impact

Our founders
We’ve been close siblings since we were small and the entrepreneurial spirit has always been a part of us. We are both passionate about pushing the envelope, challenging the way things are and creating breakthroughs in life and business. We have built RAGNHILD to reflect our values: affinity for expressive and unique designs, appreciation of quality craftsmanship and the belief that companies should make the world a better place.

- Daniel Borg & Jenny Johansson