The first woman we interviewed in our RAGNHILD series on strong and successful women is Marisa Rodriguez. She is a total badass prosecutor that is born and raised in San Francisco.


Next up in our series is a woman that works in downtown San Francisco in the man-dominant world of finance. Can you guess who? 

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We are excited to publish our first article in an interview series we have made on strong, independent and successful women in the picture above. They are total RAGNHILD WOMEN and we cant wait to share their stories with you all! We will post a new story every two weeks!  

We will post our first interview tomorrow with a total badass prosecutor. Can you guess who it is?

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We have some exciting news! You can now find us at Monark concept store in Paris! If you happen to be in Paris, you should definitely go and check them out! 



A couple weeks ago I went down to Portugal to look over the factories we have decided to work with to producing our future collections. 

It is very important to us that the factories holds excellent standards in all aspects. The workers has to work under good conditions, the factories should be environmentally conscious, and the quality on sewing has to be close to flawless. 

I had high expectations when visiting the factories and I was happily surprised when they all exceeded my expectations. Everyone from the owners to the workers were really sweet and super friendly. As I was walking around looking at the different projects everyone was working on, they gladly showed and explained what they were doing, and I was amazed with their precision and quick execution with great quality. They were very transparent with all of the production, the machines and introduced me to the workers stationed by each step or machine as we walked by. I also walked around by myself and took pictures. I had such a great time and it made me even more excited to work with them in the future! 

It is important to us that we at RAGNHILD are very transparent with our production and in everything that we do. We are proud of what we do and who we work with. Below you can find some of the pictures that I took inside and outside the factories, and also of the workers and their working environment. 

It was such an amazing trip and experience!


Outside one of the factories, they grew different types of vegetables!

Outside one of the factories, they grew different types of vegetables!

Meet the woman that sewed our first samples of our new collection! 

Meet the woman that sewed our first samples of our new collection! 

A little sneak peak! 

A little sneak peak! 

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Sell yourself

To achieve something noteworthy, you must make sure to sell yourself on why it is important. You need to sell yourself so bad that it hurts diverging from that path. Otherwise you will never be able to take the inevitably hard but necessary decisions and actions. Most people only work when they feel like it, and if you are controlled by your feelings you don't do very much. (Trust me I have tried...) Now I am not talking busywork, because most people are busy being busy. I am talking about driving real results that move you life and business forward towards your compelling future. 

To understand if your level of commitment is at the necessary level, you need to ask yourself if you are committed or only interested. If you are only interested, you will only take action when you feel like it and circumstances permits. If you are committed on the other hand, you take action no matter what circumstances and you don't accept distraction. So what level are you at? Are you interested in creating the life of your dreams or are you committed?

If not, you need to go back and ask yourself it the dream you are pursuing really is the right one for you.

Sometimes though, you just need to institute a few new habits in your life. One that has made a huge difference in my life that I strongly recommend is the "decision train". When I learned that the reason most people don't achieve very much is that they base their actions off of feelings, I became allergic. The non-achievers decision train looks like this: Feelings --> Actions --> Results. The elite flips the train around, since they know that results is what creates positive feelings (It has been empirically tested by me and I can confirm that it works): Actions --> Results --> Feelings. Before each decision, ask yourself: "Is this the most intelligent decision I could make right now, or is it based on how I feel in this moment?". I ask myself this question every day to make sure I make the right decision.

A RAGNHILD girl is a girl committed to her dreams, not just interested. Who are you?

Get your RAGNHILD on,
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GET YOUr ragnhild on

What does it mean to get your Ragnhild on?

We would like to believe it means something different to everyone. Our ambition is to inspire women to express themselves, be bold and live the life they want, by daring to dream big and following those dreams to make it a reality. To summarize it, you could say it means being brave. 

It’s not always easy, and no one said it would be. But that is what makes it worth it.

When you have found the courage to follow your dreams, nothing should be able to discourage you and get you off track. Hard work and pushing forward through the ups and down and it will one day all be a reality.

So lets start with today, right now. What do you dream about?

“Chose to be remarkable, let others be mediocre.”

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