In 2016 RAGNHILD was founded with a simple goal: helping you dress so that you can feel powerful, unique and express your authentic voice. What we do isn’t just about looking remarkable and feeling great. It is about living an exceptional life with a lifestyle that you are proud of.

RAGNHILD, at its core, is a movement for dreamers and action-takers to help them live life on their own terms. And we believe that in order to do that and become your best self, you have to take chances, step into the unknown and leave mediocrity behind; this is encapsulated in our core philosophy: “Get your RAGNHILD on”. And it means: Don’t sell yourself short. Choose to be remarkable. Embrace the spirit of the entrepreneur, the creative, artist and the maker and make a difference.

The RAGNHILD movement is here to support you along the way.

Are you ready to leave ordinary behind?